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Dear colleagues, Lingotech Translation Agency is looking for experienced technical translators. If you are interested in cooperation, please send your CV to Indicate "translator vacancy" in the subject line of your message. You can also fill out the form below.

First of all, we would like to receive information about your professional competence in the field of technical translation. Specify everything that will help us evaluate your translation experience and qualifications. Be sure to indicate which subject areas you feel confident in. If you can list the projects in which you have participated, their duration, volume, and topic, it will be an advantage.

Specify the companies and translation agencies you have worked for. List the translation memory programs that you work with.

Tariff rates for our freelance translators depend on their skills. We pay well for high-quality work. If you have any questions regarding remote collaboration with our translation agency, do not hesitate to contact us:

Personal details
year of birth is sufficient
company name, position
specify the code
specify the code
Information on languages:
you can indicate several languages
indicate the languages that you can work with. You can specify language pairs, for example Russian-Chinese. First of all, specify your master language, the language you know best of all. We do not recommend indicating too many languages.
specify your rate per word
Have you been in a foreign language environment? If so, in what country and for how long? You don't need to indicate holiday trips or short-term business trips.
Experience, project implementation:
you can indicate several areas
specify the time period and the name of the translation agency
List the TM programs (Trados, etc.) you work with
List DTP programs you work with (FrameMaker, InDesign, etc.)
Any other information that you would like to give. For example, you may specify if you have editing or software and website localization experience. Also you can list the projects you have worked on.