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About Us

What we do

Our key focus is technical translations. Lingotech was originally established as a technical translation agency. The management, employees, company structure, translation process – all were developed and selected based on the specific nature of our company. An uncompromisingly high quality of translations is our major advantage.

Our employees

The main thing is that we don't work with random people.  All our employees, including the management, are technical specialists with vast experience. Judge for yourself. Maksim Devyatov, the company CEO, holds the equivalent of a Ph.D. in technical sciences and is an expert in computer technology and electronics; he has been a translation professional for over 15 years. Paul Ugarov, Technical Director, holds the equivalent of a Ph.D. in technical sciences and is an expert in electronics and information technology; he began his career in the translation business in 2000.

People who work as full-time or freelance translators for our company undergo scrupulous checks and a long probation period.

What we can

We don't render literary translation services. We would refuse the translation of accounting documents. However we are perfectly placed to tackle the most complex project in the technical translation field. In this sphere, our powers are limitless. We are not afraid of complicated terminology – we are able to figure it out. We are not intimidated by large volumes of technical documentation – we are able to scale our work by creating a dedicated team for a particular project. We take delight in unusual and complex projects – for us, this is a good opportunity to push the borders of routine work and a chance to demonstrate our creative abilities.