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Translation of websites

Websites can and should be translated. This greatly expands horizons, increases target audience and uncovers new opportunities. However, lengthy arguments about the importance of translating websites are easy to find on the Internet. If you are interested in this type of translation, it means you need it, and hardly require any additional reasoning in support of your intentions. Therefore, it makes sense to focus directly on the service.

Website translation cannot be called a rare service. Nearly all translation agencies render this service to one extent or another. Однако данный вид перевода имеет свои особенности. After all, the content of a website is plain text, and in this case the same principles apply as to the translation of any other text: the translation must be accurate, targeted, literate, etc. But this type of translation has its own peculiarities as, from a technical point of view, the contents of a website are significantly different from various types of files and documents:

  • First of all, it is difficult to calculate the actual amount of text on your website. There are few programs and services which allow this to be done automatically. What is more, they often give different results, are pretty demanding, and may even refuse to calculate.
  • Second, websites have quite a peculiar feature, where there are many repetitions, and their proportion can be very significant (up to 90% and above). Therefore, taking repetitions into account allows us to reduce costs significantly and improve quality.
  • Finally, a modern website is not just a set of separate html pages; it's quite a complex structure, which works under the supervision of a content management system (CMS) and generates web pages on the go from a special database. There are many content management systems, and each of them has its own format, which must definitely be taken into account when translating. Thus, the process of website translation should involve not only translators but also programmers.

Our company offers different approaches to website translation. We utilize both the classical method which involves copying all the contents of a website to text files and translating these files, and via a link.

You only need to provide a link and you will get a ready-made website – this way you can save on programmers!*


*Additional saving  we always take into account repetitions and use machine-aided translation software (Translation Memory), which guarantees an adequate price and high quality of translation.

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