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DTP services

As a rule, technical documents are characterized by rather complicated layout:

  • All kinds of graphics, tables, lists, formulas, etc – work with such objects requires special knowledge and skills.
  • A large number of different formats and programs that are not compatible with each other and it takes a pretty long time to get familiar with them.
  • Time-consuming task of converting documents from one format (usually from .pdf) to another, which can rarely be solved automatically.

Thus, in most cases, work with technical documentation is, one way or another, accompanied by file layout work.

Our specialists can render virtually any DTP services to suit your requirements. We work with widespread MS Office products (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), with Adobe software (Acrobat, InDesign, FrameMaker, etc.), computer-aided design systems (AutoCAD, COMPASS 3D, SolidWork), and graphic editors. We won't be confused with such formats as LaTeX, which is widely used for the layout of scientific and technical texts. Moreover, the skills and enthusiasm of our specialists allows you to quickly develop new formats and tools, which you are inexperienced with.

Documentation layout for processing of texts in computer-aided translation programs (Translation Memory), such as SDL Trados, MemoQ, Memsource, OmegaT, etc., occupies a special place. These programs have their own peculiar features, and preparation of files for such programs requires taking these specifics into account.

Thanks to extensive experience in automated translation programs, we know how to produce a better layout, so that the resulting files are processed smoothly and without errors and require minimal adjustment after translation. The formatted files won't have unnecessary tags, fragmented sentences, double spaces, incorrect signs and other defects which make translation difficult. High quality of layout helps focus on the translation process, thus enhancing its efficiency ion difficult.

Whatever layout you want, we will be happy to fullfill your order.

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