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Creation of term bases

High-quality technical translation is impossible without strict control of terminology. Consistency of terminology within the project, as well as approval of this terminology by the customer are of equal importance.

That is why we keep glossaries for EACH project by applying a branded Lingotech technique. In particular, it includes the automated analysis of translated texts for common words and phrases that are candidates for inclusion in the terminology database.

Work with the terms begins with the first contact with the customer. A manager clarifies if the customer has its own glossaries or even just suggestions on terminology in free form se. These data are integrated with the existing terminology databases on previous projects for this customer; sometimes the project includes databases of connected projects on related subjects. The translation itself begins only after the arrangement of term bases.

It is only natural that in the course of work, many terms are clarified and refined, so we update our terminology databases in real time. A final decision on a particular term is taken by the chief project editor, based on the opinion of translators and experts in the subject.

The reasons why you need to contact us

  • We use state-of-the-art technologies to enable each participant of the project, whether a translator or editor, to have access to databases over the Internet at any given time.
  • We can create terminological bases as a separate service, or you can get them in the course of a translation et at any given time.
  • The customer can approve the list of terms step-by-step. We will do our best to accommodate your wishes – after all, we work for you.
  • We are not afraid to ask questions, because the maximum results can be achieved only through close collaboration of the customer and the translation team.
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