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Multimedia localization

Multimedia or audiovisual translation stands out among other types of translation, especially due to the strict limitations imposed by its format. In this respect, high-quality localization of multimedia and interactive content requires exceptional professionalism and experience. Besides, the audiovisual communication channel is the main channel of world perception for human beings, and proper presentation of data in this context is of particular importance.

Multimedia forms of presentation are much more informative than text, and they affect the audience directly, including on an emotional level. They don't need as much concentration from the audience as when reading a text. But at the same time, videos make it impossible to add comments in parentheses or detailed explanations and do not allow you to re-read misunderstood fragments, and this imposes additional requirements on harmonious and smooth flow of information. This applies especially to the field of technical translation.

Our specialists know how people who think technically listen to and see the world, since they think in the same way. Therefore, we are able to feed any technical multimedia information under restrictions inherent in this type of translation accurately and clearly, while our experience of writing various monographs, articles, reports, and presentations avoids the lack of coherence that is typical of many "techies".

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