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Software localization

Software localization is a very special type of translation. It includes:

  • Translation of user interface elements
  • Translation of messages
  • Translation of online help and printed material
  • Ensuring proper operation of the software with a new interface and amended components.

And this requires involving not only translators, but also software developers (testers).

Localization is just part of the regional adaptation process of the product and it must be preceded by so-called internationalization, which involves multi-language support provided either from the very outset or administered by upgrading the existing software. Internationalization takes into account the national peculiarities of specific language environments without recompiling the application.

Localization of software products is essential for their successful promotion on regional markets. However, poor-quality localization can ruin a reputation. Therefore, this work should be trusted only to experienced and qualified professionals, who are no strangers to creativity. Ideally, they should be familiar with the subject area and programming fundamentals, have a perfect command of the target language, as well as be proficient users of the system.

It should also be remembered that localization is a very labor-consuming task that requires much time and expense rs of the system. Indeed, the localization process often poses problems that are unknown or little-known to common translators. These issues include:

  • Complete absence of context
  • The need to achieve correspondence in genders, cases and numbers in the dynamic formation of messages and headers rs of the system
  • Restrictions to text length, and in some cases, impossibility to change word order when required by sentence logic s of the system.

All of these issues can be resolved only by means of careful product development, cooperation with developers and comprehensive testing of the resulting product.

Our specialists have the required skills and creative abilities to localize your software in accordance with the highest standards. In addition to our knowledge and experience, we also use powerful and multi-functional specialized tools, such as Alchemy Catalyst and SDL Passolo. However, these are only means. The main key to successful localization is the professionalism and enthusiasm of our team.

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