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Many companies offer translation services. However, usually these offers are quite different, and not only with regard to prices as it may seem at first. All companies promise high quality and a quick turnaround, but no one warns you about possible problems. How do I choose?

The first question a customer should answer is what kind of translation they need

  • Some translations are needed only because they have to be, for example, if it is a requirement of the regulatory authorities.
  • Others are internal documents and require only technical precision, while style is not very important.
  • The third type are marketing texts, which should be not only accurate, but also catching and, what is more, they should make the consumer want what you have to offer.

If you work with us, we will help you categorize your needs:

We will assess the scope of work  Divide it into categories  Make a reasonable price offer for each category

Nowadays, such work is called "linguistic engineering." As a result, you won't need to overpay for unnecessary work, and the texts that are actually important will receive maximum attention: not only translation and editing, but also editing by a marketing expert. By understanding the category of the text, it is possible to choose a translator with greater confidence based on his or her reputation, price-quality ratio and other criteria.

Recently, we have introduced another expert service – evaluation of quality of work done by other translators and translation agencies. If a high quality of translation is very important to you, make sure that you get exactly the quality that you are counting on. Note that we can provide expert advice not only with regard to the final product, but also throughout the entire translation process (given the availability of the relevant information).

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